Karma? Lady accused of snatching singer Marya’s husband already facing relationships issues

Former singer Marya a few weeks exposed her baby daddy, Kevo aka Voke for cheating on her; and allowing the women he was seeing on the side abuse the mother of his child. Low.

With all that pain, Marya ended up looking like the toxic one; especially with her hanging on to a marriage that had already ended. But good thing is that did herself a favor by moving on just like the rest – Maureen Waititu, Avril among others.

Marya with ex, Kevo

Problem is, when Marya met Kevo – the loaded guy was still legally married to his ex wife; and just like most women – Marya threw shade at the other woman; only for her to face the same fate 5 years later.

Marya gets the last laugh?

Well, Nairobi being one big bedroom like Bensol and Sauti Sol said; it appears that the woman (Ms Mpenzi Pat) who allegedly snatched Marya’s husband is now facing relationship issues with ‘Voke.’

Marya with baby daddy

She hinted about the possible breakup in two posts where she talked about ‘knowing your value’ and why women should not stay with violent men who enjoy picking fights with women. Ms Mpenzi Pat as known on social media wrote;

Mpenzi Pat

Last time a man did hit me… I broke up with him after 4 years of dating and he disappeared without a trace… even after having a baby together… like am done… done

Mpenzi Pat went on to add;

So we just know a Venzen…alive or dead, I don’t know. But never hit a woman…same reason me and my dad have no rshp…violence. If I can X my blood, who are you? And just know, when this gender starts hitting you – they will never stop. Don’t be a punching bag coz you love someone. F*ck that shit, go start from zero 0… I have done that before… trust me it’s not worth it. He will do it once, twice…next year u r in a ⚰️

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