Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray Are Just Bored With Each Other

Kennedy Rapudo and flamboyant socialite Amber Ray have finally decided to call it quits in their relationship. The intriguing thing is; Amber Ray no longer has a protruding baby bump that she claimed a few weeks ago- leading to speculations that she might have aborted the pregnancy.

The two had already announced that they’re expecting their first child together; with Amber expressing her joy in bearing Rapudo’s pregnancy.

Trouble In Paradise

Amber Ray confirms break up with boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo | Pulselive Kenya

Social media has been buzzing with speculation about the possible breakup of socialite Amber Ray and her fiancé, Kennedy Rapudo. The speculations might have just been confirmed by Kennedy Rapudo. To begin with, the pair recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, and Amber deleted photos of their Christmas family gathering and recent vacation together from her timeline- so did Rapudo.

Amber’s repertoire of deleting her social media posts after break-up red pills us that there’s a high probability that indeed, she’s no longer in a relationship with Rapudo.

To add salt to injury, the couple announced their engagement during Amber’s birthday celebration in Dubai, just a few months ago.

Furthermore, neither Amber nor Kennedy has addressed the matter, leaving many in suspense. However, Kennedy shared a cryptic message on his Instagram stories that could be seen as alluding to their situation. He wrote,

“Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go.”

This is not the first time Rapudo and Amber have not hinted on their relationship fall-out. Last year, the two had also declared that they were not lovers; but ended up being in love again. This time, the same might be manifesting itself and the only thing they need is time away from each other to meditate on their situation. Eventually, I bet they’ll be back together.

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