Kennedy Rapudo needs to stop defending his rich lifestyle

Kennedy Rapudo is responding to naysayers as if he has something to prove. The man needs to learn that not everything demands are respond nor does it deserve one especially if it is a contemptible lie.

Kennedy Rapudo has made single mothers and trollops delusional

For those of you who do not understand where I’m coming from, faith Makau’s husband-to-be was recently exposed by Edgar or barre for being not only a deadbeat dad but also one of the luminaries of fake it till you make it, constantly posting a false lifestyle on social media to impress others.

Amber with Bae, Rapudo

Kennedy Rapudo well clearly pressed by the allegations because he has responded to them trying to show everyone that the lifestyle he leads is genuinely how his life is like and not just a portrayal for the gram.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

This leads us to one of two conclusions; the first being that he’s an insecure manchild and the second being that the rumours and allegations are true. Whatever the case may be we don’t need his reaction because this is a lose-lose when he reacts he either affirms the rumours or comes off as insecure.

Kennedy Rapudo Did What Jimal Could Not

Kennedy Rapudo’s would be his biggest ally. But one thing that we do appreciate is a fact that Amber has remained silent because a statement from her would be even more damning. It would paint him in the light of someone who needs his woman to defend his honour.

Socialite Amber Ray with Kennedy

The allegation is that the car is shows off on social media isn’t his. How is anyone going to prove this? He was careful enough to hide the number plate so no one is the wiser. The allegation is that he is living beyond his means, only his accountant and KRA can I sat in this fact the rest of us are simply guessing.

Amber Ray

So why is he being so defensive? Some rumours are best left unchecked as they do not affect the rate at which you defecate. This is something he’s going to have to pick up on very fast because Kennedy Rapudo is now a star and these types of rumours come with the territory. Alternatively, he can do what his woman is supposed to do and deactivate a social media account.

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