Kennedy Rapudo Should Have Kept His Relationship With Amber Ray Out Of Social Media

Ambe Ray’s fiancé Kennedy Rapudo recently opened up on the hardships he has had to undergo for being in a relationship with the flamboyant socialite.

According to him, fame has not been his cup of tea even when he knew Amber Ray in the first place. Speaking to SPM Buzz, the businessman purported that he fancies a private kind of life rather than public.

”I’ve always been very private. even my account has been private. I made my account public one or two weeks ago.

He continued to claim that their first week together was even more difficult for him as it caused him ‘mental anguish’.

The first week was very difficult for me. It caused me a lot of mental anguish. Because people always focus on what is negative. Nobody wants to talk about what is positive.”

Rapudo Should Know Better

Amber with Bae, Rapudo

To begin with, dating Amber Ray is a big deal & netizens will always keep an eye on whoever she’s going after. She’s a sucker for love and always looking to replace a man if he dares cross her line. To be honest, not so many people knew Rapudo before he started dating Amber. Indeed, he kept his social media account private.

But it seems like Amber Ray’ used her female wits to convince him to publicize his account-rather, publicize their relationship.

The risk that comes with popularity is people will always poke their nose on your business. What if the relationship gets dissolved? You’ll end up being a laughing stock of netizens. Rapudo should revert to keeping his issues private before it’s too late.

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