Kenya Power has announced that the prepaid token system will be unavailable from Sunday to Monday

Kenya Power has advised its customers using the token facility to top up in advance as it will soon undergo maintenance.

In a statement, Kenya Power announced an interruption in the prepaid system to facilitate an upgrade.


KPLC has released a list of areas experiencing power outages today.

“We wish to inform our customers that the prepaid token vending system will be unavailable from 10pm Sunday, 2nd June to 10pm Monday 3rd June to enable us to upgrade our systems for improved service delivery,” the statement read.

It continued, “During this period, customers will not be able to buy electricity tokens from all vending points, including Kenya Power offices, MPESA paybill number 888880, Airtel Money, and banking channels.”

“We therefore advise our prepaid customers to buy enough tokens beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.”

“We appreciate your understanding and cooperation,” the alert concluded.

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