Kenyan male celebrities not ready to embrace the LGBTQ community

The death of Edwin Chiloba has undeniably shaked up many especially with the manner his killers stashed his body in a metal box…..evu just imagine what they had to do to his body to fit in a metal box….ile sanduku ya highschool. Cruel.


Having been found wearing women clothings, we can only assume the late Chiloba was with a lover on the night he was killed….and chances are that those he was with are homophobic and their only reason of luring him to where they were is to kill him. I said, maybe.

But come on….doesn’t the world have enough problems already to deal with people who can’t accept others for who they are? In fact – why would you even care what the other person is doing if indeed you’re committed to your own life?

Most kenyan celebs homophobic?

Anyway with the death of Chiloba, we have also realized that most celebrities mourning the late fashion queen are women and the men are simply all silent on the issue – leaving to wonder, is it that they are homophobic?

However what i know is that if he was straight and had suffered such a brutal death – you’d be seeing male celebrities making noise online like their lives depend on it.

Okay, I also understand that they may not have known him on a personal level….but either way he was a celebrity and mingled with many of the same status….yet today – many of the boys are squeezing in the corner acting like they did not hear of his brutal death.

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