“Kenyan men are very stingy” Huddah Monroe reveals why she distastes Kenyan men and why she has the hots for Harmonize 

Huddah Monroe has confessed that she would date Harmonize if given a chance. The petite socialite says the Tanzanian singer is the kind of man she wants for a boyfriend.

Speaking during an interview with Wasafi TV, Huddah explains that Harmonize is a very humble guy and that she also thinks the singer loves her.

“Nikiambiwa nimdate a Tanzanian guy, nasema tu Harmonize. I think he is a very humble guy, nilimmeet like two years ago through Zari and Diamond na hakuangi mtu na maneno mengi. Nadhani ananipenda sana (Harmonize),” said Huddah Monroe.

Kenyan men? Never

Huddah also says that her experience dating Kenyan men has made her conclude that men in the 254 are very stingy. The socialite says this is the sole reason why she doesn’t date Kenyan men.

“Kwa Snapchat nliandika huwa sidate wanaume wa Kenya because Kenyan men wana shida moja, sijui kama it’s a problem ama it’s the way people are raised. Nime date wanaume from different communities, different countries kwangu mimi nafeel like Kenyan men are vert stingy. Shida yangu tu ni stinginess yani mimi nataka mwanaume anisaidie because i fell like a relationship is a partnership,” Huddah explained.

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