Kiss 100 Presenter Sheila Kwamboka Opens Up About Her Suspension For Kissing A Boy In High School

Kiss 100 presenter Sheila Kwamboka, also known as Kwambox, has opened up about the reason behind her suspension during her tenure on the Morning Kiss show.

Kwambox revealed that she was suspended from high school for kissing a boy. She said that the incident happened in Form 3, and that she was caught by a teacher.

“I was really good friends with the boy,” Kwambox said. “We had a mutual attraction, and we kissed while we were cleaning our classroom.”

Kwambox said that she was shocked and embarrassed when she was caught by the teacher. She was suspended for two weeks, and she said that the incident brought shame to her family.

“I was really scared,” Kwambox said. “I didn’t know what my parents were going to say. But they were actually really understanding. They told me that it was just a mistake, and that I shouldn’t let it define me.”

Kwambox said that she learned a lot from the experience. She said that she learned that it’s important to be careful about who you kiss, and that she learned that it’s important to be honest with your parents.

“I’m glad that I was able to learn from my mistake,” Kwambox said. “I’m a better person because of it.”

Kwambox’s story is a reminder that everyone makes mistakes. It’s important to learn from your mistakes, and to move on

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