KNBS has provided a list of industries where one can find lucrative employment opportunities

Multilateral organizations and non-governmental entities like the World Bank and the United Nations offer the most lucrative employment opportunities, while sectors such as real estate and agriculture tend to offer lower pay, according to recent data from the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).


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The KNBS report, released on Monday, May 20, revealed that employees in extraterritorial organizations and bodies, such as the UN, received the highest average monthly salary of Sh339,274, despite experiencing a modest pay rise of 1.6 percent.

In the private sector, the electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply industry ranked second in terms of highest-paying jobs, with an average monthly salary of Sh202,680, followed by financial and insurance activities at Sh190,151.

Among the top-paying sectors in the public sector were accommodation and food service activities (Sh234,698), transport and storage (Sh202,680), and financial and insurance services (Sh176,275).


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Conversely, several sectors, including water supply, real estate activities, agriculture, accommodation and food services, and mining and quarrying, offered monthly salaries below Sh50,000.

Despite employing a significant portion of the workforce, sectors like agriculture, which accounted for nearly 11 percent of total wage employment, tend to offer lower pay.

The report highlights Kenya’s dependence on agriculture, which contributes more than one-fifth of the country’s GDP. However, despite being the largest employer, the sector pays lower wages compared to extraterritorial organizations, exacerbating income inequality in the country.

While the economy grew by 5.6 percent last year, driven by agricultural recovery, the formal job market struggled to create quality employment opportunities. The informal sector accounted for the majority of new job openings, with formal sector jobs increasing to 122,900.

Professions in the financial sector, administration, information technology, transport and storage, electricity, gas, steam, air conditioning, and human health were among those where workers earned at least Sh100,000 per month. However, only 12.3 percent of wage employees enjoyed such earnings by the end of 2022.

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