KRG the Don Hits Back At Carol Katrue & Miracle Baby, Says They’re Ungrateful

Kenyan dancehall artist KRG the Don is criticizing musician Peter Mwangi, known as Miracle Baby, for allegedly lying about the government’s assistance with his medical bills.

KRG claims Miracle Baby and his partner, Carol Katrue, are ungrateful despite receiving help from President William Ruto, who facilitated Miracle Baby’s treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). KRG accuses the couple of taking advantage of Kenyans’ generosity and manipulating the situation for personal gain.

“Tulikuja kwenu tukakuconvince mpaka tukaenda hosi tukapewa VIP treatment from beginning to end, the guy got services within an hour, hio yote ni coordination tulipanga, tulimake sure amepewa best treatment yeye anataka apewe special room, tukampigania akapata room pahali hakuna mtu anamsumbua, tukamake sure ameridhika.

KRG urges Miracle Baby and Katrue to appreciate the support they’ve been given and warns Kenyans to be cautious when donating to them in the future. He argues that the couple prioritizes luxury over medical needs and exploits people’s good intentions.

“But mumeamua kutulipa na kutuaibisha, nyinyi mnataka luxury, the moment mmeona Kenyans wanawapatia luxury treatment mna take advantage. Unataka luxury ukae kwako na wakenya wanatuma pesa..,” the singer added.

KRG’s comments follow content creator Bernice Saroni’s criticism of the government for not fulfilling its promise to help Miracle Baby. Katrue reportedly told Saroni they lacked funds for an ostomy bag, a medical device used for waste collection.

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