Kuwachana na Noni ilinisaidia sana – Bensoul

Benson Mutua Muia, better known by his stage name Bensoul, has revealed that his relationship with his longtime girlfriend Noni Gathoni ended as a result of the romance.

Bensoul mentioned that following their separation, he and Mrs. Gathoni are enjoying their new circumstances in an interview with Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo.

“Ilifika mahali hakuna mapenzi. Sisi sote tuna furaha sasa. Hakuna haja ya kulazimisha kitu mhangaike baadaye”

The musician claimed that he is content with his life right now and mentioned that he can concentrate on both his music and the obligations of parenthood.

“Mahusiano yaliisha tu. Unajua mapenzi huisha. Nina raha vile niko single. Kazi yangu sasa ni muziki wangu na kulea binti yangu,”

Bensoul made it plain that he was the one who broke things off with his ex-girlfriend and that the decision to terminate things had no bearing on him.

“I’m like Harmonize I am single not mingle but I’m single..” Bensoul said in an interview with Mungai Eve in April.

After being in a relationship, the musician stated earlier this year that his romance with Noni Gathoni had ended.

Bensoul and Gathoni dated for a very long time, although they never had children together. The artist, however, is the mother of Tiffany Muikamba’s daughter.

The father of one said in his remarks on Tuesday that he and his co-parent had been working well together to raise their daughter.

Bensoul also made it plain that he is open to resuming relationships with women from any country in the foreseeable future.

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