Late Jeff Mwathi’s family finally hopeful after CS Kithure Kindiki intervenes 

After sudden alleged suicide of 23 year old late Jeff Mwathi, many had tried to shush the story from getting published on social media….but thanks to technology- the story finally got enough air play attracting the attention of CS Kithure Kindiki who has now intervened by having the DCI homicide department investigate the case now that Mwathi’s family needs to learn the truth about their son’s death.

At first it seemed nothing much was being done considering Mwathi’s family does not have enough money to hire good lawyers who can defend their late son against the people he was with – right before he met his untimely death.

As you already know DJ Fatxo and the other two men present during the alleged suicude are capable of having good lawyers to have the case dismissed but luckily earlier this morning CS Kithure Kindiki issued a statement saying;

On the matter of the late Jeff Mwathi, I have spoken to the DCI Mr. Amin this morning and instructed him to send a homicide team from the DCI headquarters to thoroughly investigate the incident and take the necessary action.

I thank the DCI for his quick action on this matter.

The homicide team from the DCI headquarters is dispassionate, and this will help resolve the claims of collusion at Kasarani Police Station where the matter was reported.


Netizens in support of CS Kithure

With that, Mwathi’s family can now breath as they await for the investigations to be carried without any favoritism now that the CS Kithure Kindiki will be following step by step.

This is definitely a big relief to the family who continue to insist their son was never suicidal and to prove this – Mwathi’s mum not only released audios of her son telling her about the meet up with DJ Fatxo – but photos of Fatxo with Jeff Mwathi hanging that same day.

Well – from comments left by fans, i can say that many also doubt the ‘suicide’ story but now that the law is involved….all we can do is wait and see what happens.

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