UPDATED: List of Influencers Abducted Ahead of Finance Bill Protests

Tensions have been rising since last week’s protests centered around rejecting the Finance Bill. X Spaces, organized by some Gen Z activists, have built a massive movement, allegedly prompting authorities to kidnap several influencers active on these platforms.


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Here are some of the influencers who have reportedly been abducted:

Billy the GOAT (crazynairobian) Billy, a popular tweep with a significant Gen Z following, was abducted on Friday, June 21st. Two Isuzu D-Max vehicles took him from his home. Fellow Twitter users hosted spaces trying to locate him. Due to his influence, the President of LSK, Faith Odhiambo, secured his release on Saturday before midnight.


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Shad (Shadrack Kiprono) Shad, an activist vocal against the Finance Bill, has caused significant controversy with his posts and statements on various platforms. According to reports, CCTV footage captured his abduction by three men in South B, who forced him into a white Prado. His whereabouts remain unknown.

JaPrado (Dr. Austin Omondi) On Sunday afternoon, Dr. Austin, who was organizing a blood donation drive at the Sikh hospital ahead of Tuesday’s demonstrations, was abducted by unknown sleuths in a vehicle with registration number KCU 819H. After an intense day of engaging in X spaces to free Dr. Omondi, he was released later that night, but his arrest was deemed unjustified.

Lesley Muturi Attorney General Justin Muturi’s son, Lesley Muturi, was allegedly abducted on Saturday night while in the company of Hon. Mark Mwenje. According to the Member of National Assembly, an old Land Cruiser with policemen took Lesley forcefully without any basis for arrest. The AG later confirmed that his son was released and is safe.

John Frank Githiaka Three armed men abducted Kenyan tech and finance expert John Frank Githiaka on Monday evening at Beast Athletic offices on Baringo Road in Kahawa Sukari.


Gabriel Oguda Social Media user Gabriel Oguda was abducted by men believed to be police officers from his house, his brother confirmed.


Osama Otero was abducted by men believed to be police officers.


Drey Mwangi Social media user Drey Mwangi too was kidnapped by men suspected to be police officers.

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