Madtraxx addresses allegations of physically abusing his wife

Kenyan singer George Muchai, known as Madtraxx, has addressed allegations of physically abusing his wife, Salma Hussein, the mother of his children.

In a phone interview with Ankali Ray, Madtraxx neither confirmed nor denied the accusations. He acknowledged that they had experienced a “toxic” phase in their relationship.


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“She just wants attention. These are old photos from when we were in a toxic cycle. She is just trying to grab my attention; we are no longer together. I have the kids. She disappeared. I don’t know why she’s trying to get everyone emotional when she knows the truth. She hopes for a reaction from me, but I’m no longer riding that train.”

On June 7, Salma Hussein took to Instagram to share several photos showing what appeared to be evidence of severe physical abuse, including a black eye, a swollen face, and hand bruises.

Hussein alleged she had been in an abusive relationship for a decade.


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“Never have I thought I’d be beaten in my life… but I married an animal!! Y’all superstar Madtraxx! My whole life I’m battling anxiety, fear, and trauma!! Just because of this guy!! #10 years with a woman abuser!”

Among the photos shared were an OB number, indicating a police report, and a doctor’s report.

The doctor’s report, dating back to 2021, described bruises around her left eye, bruising on her upper limb and knees, soft tissue injury to her head, and scratch marks on her left leg, suggesting that the abuse had been ongoing for years.

Madtraxx and Salma wed in 2018.

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