Magix Enga reveals how artistes used and abandoned him

The well-known music producer Magix Enga, who has produced some of the biggest successes in the business, has opened up about his difficult financial circumstances.

In an open interview with Nairobi News, Enga said he couldn’t support his wife and child, so he had to transfer them to live with his mother-in-law.

During the height of his success, Enga produced songs that peaked at number one on the charts. However, he revealed that many of his friends and business acquaintances distanced themselves from him after learning about his financial difficulties.

He said that some of the musicians he worked with never paid him, and that others profited from his lack of legal representation because there were no written agreements in place.

“I never signed a contract. That’s why I’m still struggling, as these artists don’t acknowledge my contributions to their work.

At present, I can’t even provide for my family. It’s an incredibly tough situation, and I’ve had to send them away. I don’t want to see them struggle.”

Enga stated that Khaligraph Jones had been in touch with him to provide support, suggesting concerts for him to see if they become available.
He did, however, disclose that he was presently homeless and dealing with difficulties.

The most gifted beat producer in Africa and beyond, Magix Enga, stressed that his financial hardships affected the songs he made as well, some of which went on to become huge blockbusters.

Notably, he listed songs that he had not profited from, like “Dundaing,” “Watoto na Pombe” (Otile Brown ft. Enga), “Maja,” and “Mapenzi Hisia.”
Enga went on to say that he was unemployed and that he used the occasion to ask well-known people—including politicians—for assistance in his quest for a steady income.

A video of well-known music producer Magix Enga went viral on social media in December 2022, which alarmed his followers who thought his health was failing.
His phone number was inactive for a considerable amount of time at that time, which left many people concerned for his wellbeing.

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