Magix Enga’s new hand and face tattoos raise eyebrows (Photos)

Tattoos has become the norm in the celebrity world especially for those in the entertainment industry.

Some do it for romantic reasons, others do it for vengeance, others have it because of memories they wish to see last for as long as they live while for others, it tells a story.

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Renowned Kenyan music producer, Magix Enga and his lover served couple goals after his babe, Rahma tattooed his name on her left arm, probably avowing to keep their allegiance to each other forever.

Magix Enga´s girlfriend tattoos his name on her left arm

Soon after, things went south and the beat king reportedly lost his queen to Tanzanian artist Marioo.

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Ever since, no photo uploads of him with his lover or anything to do with his girl, he has been all about him.

Rumored ex-lovers, Magix Enga and Rahma

Recently, the music kid decided to show off his string of body tattoos to fans starting from the one on his neck, to the one on his right rib before pulling up with cryptic hand tattoos.

Beat King Magix Enga

Both his arms are covered in tattoos but most interestingly are those on his left hand.

Magix Enga gets new tattoos

On his forearm, is a scary face, eyes popping, the middle finger up and with the caption:

F** Fake friends

Magix Enga gets new tattoos

In other words, he is no longer in the business of rolling with friends who are here to serve own interests. At the back of his arm, he has inked his portrait.

Kenyan producer, Magix Enga

But you haven’t seen it all until you see his new floral face tattoo that seems to have a deep meaning for him.

Magix Enga gets face tattoo

His new normal has only left fans with questions.

Magix Enga’s tattoo

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