Maina Kageni’s important message to all side chicks that is hard to agree with 

Radio host Maina Kageni has not married and is not planning to do it any time soon.

Maina however, has a message for all the side chicks that want to become the main chick: don’t wait to be introduced, introduce yourself.

Don’t wait

Maina says a woman shouldn’t have to wait till his man dies so that he comes out.

“Go to his shagz and make yourself known. What are you waiting for? Avoid all that drama when that nigga drops dead. I know of people and the father is so wealthy its ridiculous? If you are not known to his people what security do you have?” he said. 


“Go to his sister’s office and make yourself known if need be. Those friends of mine, if I tell you who the father is you might faint. Because of how he looks like a holy joe in public.” 

Maina went on to say crushing at the funeral is an old trick that doesn’t work anymore.

“Popping up at a funeral is such an old trick, the family can easily deal with this. Get known by his family when he is still alive,” he said. 


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Pauline Syombua

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