Mama Diamond Platnumz explains why she refers to Tanasha Donna’s son as “Kichwa Kubwa”

Image: Mama Dangote with Tanasha

Mama Diamond Platnumz and her entire family including Juma Lokole have been referring to Naseeb Junior as Kichwa Kubwa; a name that has left most of her followers feeling offended.

Recently Mama Dangote left yet another comment calling baby NJ ‘Kichwa Kubwa’ and for the first time; one of her fans decided to ask why the family enjoys picking on the small boy.

He went on to ask whether they did this intentionally since they had not been in speaking terms with Tanasha Donna. He went on to write saying;

Tanasha with son, Naseeb Junior

@mama_dangote Jamani mbona umtusi kichwa kubwa ata kama umekosa na mamake.????????????????Dunia Ina maneno dah ata kama nikumfurahisha Zari hii sio vizuri;????Mungu amlinde huyu Malaika jamani.

Big head

Responding to this question, mama Diamond Platnumz first made it known that she has no issue with her grandson. In fact it turns out that Naseeb Junior inherited almost everything from his daddy and this is why they refer to him as Kichwa Kubwa.

Mama D went on to add, when Diamond Platnumz was Naseeb’s age they also referred to him as Tom Kaka Kichwa Kubwa; and looking at his popular baby photo it’s clear to see Diamond indeed had a huge head compared to his body size back then.

Naseeb fiinally meets his great grandmother from Tanasha’s side of the family

@khaltuma12 jamani mbona mnaumia kumwita kichwa kikubwa; ndio tushazowea kumwita hivyo toka udogo wake. Ndio maana tuna mwita Tom kaka mdogo; kwa sababu ya baba yake pia alivyokuwa mdogo tulikuwa tuna mwita hivyo. ndio nayy nimezowe kumwita kichwa kikubwa binadam hamuishi vyakujadili mm Bibi yake nishazowe kumwita hivyo,

Well, since Mama Dangote has always favoured Zari’s kids over Hamisa Mobetto’s son; it’s not surprising to see fans getting offended by the nickname she gave her grandson.

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