Manzi Wa Kibera’s Two Old Boyfriends Finally Meet

Upcoming socialite Manzi wa Kibera is elated after her two old boyfriends finally met. Days ago, the socialite claimed that she was looking to date two men at the same time; one who was supposedly her ex-boyfriend monikered ‘mzae’ and the other, who she met shortly after partying ways with Njau.

But Manzi wa Kibera netizens confused as she claimed that ‘mzae’ never actually left.

“I have never parted ways with Njau, and I have never parted ways with Nzioki. I have them both; my husband Nzioki, my husband Njau!” Manzi Wa Kibera declared.

She further continued to calibrate that it has always been her wish to have two men at the same time; just like Samidoh.

She stated;

“Just like Samidoh, who has two women, I have two husbands. Each person plays independently. They have never met. I am the female version of Samidoh.

She further thought that her two boyfriends would cause chaos if they ever met.

Hawa watu hawawezi kutana¬†because if they do, it will be another World War 2.”

But unlike her expectations, the two have actually met and seem to be good friends. Despite their age difference, the three look like they’re truly in love with each other.

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