Maverick Aoko quits blogging for Kenya Kwanza, quits political punditry

Maverick Aoko, a former journalist and now a Kenya Kwanza allied blogger, has quit politics and is leaving Nairobi for a while to focus on her mental health and studies.

In a lengthy statement she issued on September 18, 2023, Ms Aoko said she was tired of the lies and selfishness of politicians, and that she had been struggling with her mental health. She also revealed that she had been sexually misused by a handful of married politicians in the opposition Orange Democratic Movement party, where she served as a communications officer- social media.

Ms Aoko said she was now planning to undertake studies in either climate change or animal husbandry, and that she wanted to focus on being “the next Grace Ogot or Chimamanda of Kenya.”

She also said that she would return to the political scene once the Kenya Kwanza government was out of State House, and that until then, she would not vote for anyone except Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

In her statement, Ms Aoko also criticized President William Ruto and his allies, saying that they had promised to educate her and give her a government job, but had then dumped her and stopped communicating with her.

She also said that she had been hurt by the fact that Kenya Kwanza allies had viewed her as a liability and had no longer been keeping their promises to her.

Ms Aoko said that she had attempted suicide due to loneliness and depression, and that on the first attempt, her house manager had found her and saved her life. She claimed to have asked for help online but all she received was insults.

However, she would later reveal that she was taking a break from social media to heal and reflect, and come back a better person after her controversial and vulgar posts became what she was known for. She also revealed that a senior Kenyan politician saw her cry for help and offered to help her get back on her feet.

We wish Ms Aoko all the best in her recovery and her future studies.

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