MC Jessy lands TV show deal with KTN 

Image: MC Jessy lands TV show deal with KTN 

Churchill comedian and co-host, MC Jessy broke news of his new TV deal with KTN where his online show Jessy Junction is set to premiere.

A show born in July, just months after COVID-19 struck, hosting personalities across the board, in the Kenyan space but it is now time for him to move to the next phase.

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The announcement

In his announcement barely hours ago, the comedian born Jasper Muthomi, disclosed to fans that starting Monday, Jessy Junction will be airing on KTN Home during the night hour.

“Yes we are now on KTN. Starting this coming Monday 30th from 10pm, Jessy Junction will be on KTN home. See you then.”

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His announcement was welcomed with applause with the very own Mwalimu Kingangi, lauding;

“Congratulations are in order bro…well in…????????????????????.”

Comedians MC Jessy and Churchill

During his interview with Jalang’o early this month, Jessy disclosed that before COVID-19 hit, they had planned to add another show, ‘Jessy Junction’, alongside Churchill Show and Churchill Raw.

“Comedians are too many but the platforms are not enough. So I was training Sleepy David to take over Churchill Raw so that I pick ‘Jessy Junction’ as our third platform,” Jessy revealed.

Comedian Sleepy David

A production that was set to go on air in April but with COVID-19, everything came to a halt.

“So I thought of making Jessy Juction ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ kind of a show. We had actually done it’s pilot, 2 years back in April 2018 at Nairobi Cinema,” he added.

Have a listen;

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