Meet Rich Businessman Mike Makarena Rumoured To Be Sponsoring Promoter Macarena Moh’s Shows In The US

Netizens in Kenya, the United States of America and other parts of the world are at crossroads after unconfirmed reports of the identity of revered promoter Macarena Moh’s lover emerged online.

Kenyans were recently treated to a dramatic show of might as prominent businessman and philanthropist Mike Mutembei Makarena fearlessly blasted vocal political commentator Cosmo Choy, a US-based President William Ruto’s diehard supporter.

A video of Mike Makarena telling off Cosmo Choy while being driven in a super expensive car went viral in a move that got many people digging into the former’s life to understand who he really is.

During their online research, a number of Kenyans could not help but notice the name Makarena and quickly connected him to popular US-based Kenyan events promoter Macarena Moh who has been doing exemplary well in the events world.

Netizens drawn from all parts of the world took to different social media to ask, rather conclude Mike Makarena could be the rich Kenyan man sponsoring Macarena Moh’s flamboyant lifestyle and successful events in the US.

A multitude of social media users wanted to find out if Mike Makarena could be promoter Macarena Moh’s loaded “Mubaba” making it possible for her to enjoy soft life in America.

Being Kenya’s number one news site, Ghafla.com tried to reach out to Macarena Moh to confirm or deny the aforementioned but her phone was off as at the time of filing this report.

This writer cannot confirm if indeed Mike Makarena is Macarena Moh’s blesser or not but as it is with almost everything under the sun, only time will tell.

It should be noted Macarena Moh, who is doing quite well in the events world in the US has never disclosed if she is dating Mike Makarena or not or even introduced the love of her life to her fans on social media.

Ghafla.com has established that many people thought or think Mike Makarena and Macarena Moh are an item owing to the fact that the former is a millionaire businessman, capable of sponsoring the latter’s life and business in the land of milk and honey.

Even with her secrecy, a multitude of Kenyans concluded Mike Makarena could be the man behind Macarena Moh’s success in the US.

GHAFLA.com understands Mike Makarena is a wealthy Mt Kenya businessman who has been pivotal in funding ODM/NASA/Azimio campaigns in the region

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