Mejja’s former girlfriend shares her experience of how a toxic relationship drained her

Milly Wairimu has been actively speaking out against domestic violence, revealing that she endured it for years before finding the courage to leave. She described living with a narcissist as a draining experience that not only stripped her of her confidence but also made her adopt his perspective without realizing the extent of his influence over her.


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On her Instagram stories, Milly acknowledged the lasting impact of being involved with a narcissist, emphasizing that such traumatic experiences are not easily forgotten. She recently encouraged those in abusive relationships to walk away, emphasizing that nothing positive comes from enduring such mistreatment.

Reflecting on her own journey, Milly highlighted the importance of learning from loving an abusive narcissist, noting that it leads to personal growth and resilience. Her message comes in the wake of Salma Hussein’s revelations about enduring physical abuse from her ex-husband, Madtraxx, prompting Milly to indirectly offer support to Salma, suggesting that there is hope for healing and happiness after leaving toxic relationships.


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Milly expressed pride in her own strength to remove toxic individuals from her life, emphasizing the importance of taking time to heal and ultimately finding happiness again.

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