Mishi Dorah exemplifies why Kenyans hate crowd-funding for celebrities

Mishi Dorah is back on the night scene, enjoying the best of what Nairobi’s night scene has to offer but this is actually an example of why people do not like contributing for celebrities. Hear me out.

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She was recently arrested and held in remand over a bill she had incurred while she was out partying with her friends to celebrate the launch of a movie she was a part of.

And she didn’t just incur a 20K bill, oh no no! Our dear Mishi Dorah (not so dear) incurred a 150K bill from all the partying she did at Golden Ice Bistro where she bought some top-shelf drinks and ate the best foods on offer at the establishment but she hadn’t realised she couldn’t pay.

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And just like most Kenyan celebrities who find themselves in sticky situations, she asked Kenyans to help her raise the money when she realised the establishment was serious about collecting their money.

Mishi Dora

And she roped in her celebrity friends to come in and ask Kenyans to contribute money to help her pay up. But there is a problem here, unlike with previous instances with other celebrities, this bill wasn’t brought about by a health scare, it was brought about by irresponsibility.

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As if that wasn’t enough, as soon as she was released, we saw Mishi Dorah in the club mocking the entire situation she had created and been a victim of. She was back in the club singing and mocking her time in remand. And while I can accept that sometimes you have to make light of some issues but when you need others to bail you out, it’s best to just play it safe and either avoid addressing the issue or when you do, give it all the seriousness it deserves.

Mishi Dorah

I actually feel bad for the next celebrity who’ll need our help with a hospital bill or whatever it may be because the most recent example of this will be Mishi Dorah and no one wants to feel like they have been taken advantage of and at the moment, we all feel like we are being taken for a ride when celebs assume they can use us to finance their folly.

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