Mombasa Socialite Trisha Khalid Confronts Stevo Simple Boy Over Past Relationship

Mombasa-based socialite and rapper Stevo Simple Boy’s rumored girlfriend Trisha Khalid has now confronted the musician over his previous relationship with Pritty Vishy.

The two were live on social media and had a discussion about their relationship. Trisha claimed that Pritty Vishy has not moved on and she feels threatened by Stevo’s past.

The socialite asked Stevo Simple Boy to publicly reveal who he wants to be with between the two since she feels they can’t be in a relationship if Pritty Vishy is still very active on Stevo’s social media pages.

“I feel like you’re still hung up on her,” Trisha said to Stevo. “You need to make a decision about who you want to be with.”

Stevo responded by saying that he is still trying to figure things out. “I’m not sure what I want,” he said. “I need some time to think about it.”

The conversation between Trisha and Stevo has sparked a lot of debate on social media. Some people are supporting Trisha, while others are saying that she is being too demanding.

Only time will tell what will happen between Stevo, Trisha, and Pritty Vishy. But one thing is for sure, this is a story that is sure to keep people talking for a long time to come.

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