Mr Seed discusses his son from another woman

The Kenyan rapper Mr. Seed has been transparent about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend’s son.

unfamiliar to many A father of two, Seed is wed to Nimo Gachuiri, with whom he shares a son.

whoever conceals the existence of his third son.

His baby mother has called him out on several occasions for allegedly being a deadbeat.

After he was injured in an accident at the beginning of this year, his son with the other woman has been phoning to see how he is doing.

He revealed this in an interview with SPM Buzz.

Even my other son, pia yeye he was like every time video calling, unaendelea aje, unaskia aje, and yani that is the moment I realized how family is also important.

Because my sons were there for me, they were there to encourage me ule mwingine wa Mombasa (other child) ilikuwa everytime umeanza kutembea? Umefanya nini? You know all those kind of questions that show concern? Kuna siku nilikuwa nishagive up, – argh like whatever men, juu nilikuwa naona ka sitatembea.”

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