Mr.Seed; kwa jina la Yesu na ‘Simama’

Mr. Seed is back with a new jam Simama. The song is talking on how he is able to concur with God. This guy is a talented gospel artist and this jam proves it all. It has been directed by Twister Black and the audio produced by Alexis of Starborn Empire. The song is under the Starborn Empire label.


The production is a great deal, look at the video,  it is in sync with the audio.  The choice of outfit and location is well done. Also the beats to the jam are good. Am sure once you listen to it, you will just be in that worship mood. The video has met international standards.

Fans Response

Although the song is less than 24hours old, Mr. Seeds fans are at. The song already has 4,554 views on youtube and 274 commets. His fans have accepted his work and the comments are positive. Some of the comments are highlighted below. But one comment catches they eye, Stephen Kasolo a fellow gospel artist has also acknowledged Mr. Seed’s work. Artists need to support each other.

The only gospel artist MR SEED and GUARDIAN ANGLE…guys let’s support Mr seed
​Thank you for moving out of EMB atleast beat ulipata ya maana and now your talent showing itself
Kama anaweza kuwa best gospel artist 2019 angusha like hapa
Fireeeee iko juu powerful, inspiring, giving hope its just ????????????????????????????????
Hit after hit is the only way to prove to the haters! Keep up the good work,????????????
Bahati lost a biggest gospel artist in Kenya… Very creative star born God bless you.
You never disappoint Baba gold ????????????????
Mr. Seed, I know that am a nobody to advise you but I would like to humbly say that YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PATH GOSPEL-WISE. Kindly keep on with this kind of Gospel music and may God your Maker keep on lifting you from glory to glory. In Jesus Name.


The wording in the lyrics is great. The song has a powerful message and it is encouraging.  “Sitabishana lakini kwa jina la Yesu nitasimama.” This is a confirmation that people should let God fight for them. The verse is so simple and clear. ” Na pesa ipotee na watu wanitoke, kwa jina la Yesu nasimama.” I am in love with this line. Isn’t this what people do when you are broke? He gives us hope that all we need is God to conquer.

Repetition has been used to bring out the title of the song “Simama.”

I give the song a rating of 7/10. It is a great deal to Mr. Seed. Keep the gospel burning and giving hope to the hopeless.

Watch the video by clicking the link below.



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