Mr. Seed Opens Up On Having A Crush On Wahu, Says He Was Jealous When She Got Married To Nameless

Remember the good old days when social media was unheard of because there were no phones? When you could hang a picture of your favorite celebrity on the wall and hope to meet them someday? When we wrote prevaricated music lyrics on books and glued the singers’ photo on them?

I bet 90’s and early 2000’s kids can relate; and gospel artist Mr. Seed is among them. The singer had a huge crush crush on Wahu; and applied the latter in his early school days. While in Primary school, Mr. Seed says he had Wahu’s photos in his list of artists.

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Wahu and Nameless-Google

At that time, Wahu was a star! And was dating Nameless. The thing that hurt Mr. Seed the most was their wedding; which meant Wahu was no longer available.

Posting a picture with Nameless, Seed opened up on his Instagram saying;

”So I told @namelesskenya vile alioa @wahukagwi ilinihurt sana ???????? na imagine nilikuwa primary school.. nilikuwa na picha za wahu kwa kitabu yangu flani ya wasanii .. nilikuwa a very big fan wa @wahukagwi design niliskia kinyongo na hiyo wedding ???????? but anyways .. @namelesskenya nilishakusamehea.. you guys inspire me so much .. GOD BLESS FOREVER”

Nameless reacted saying;

”????????????????????????????????… Si ni life! Happy for you though bro! Hivo hivo ????????”

Despite having a crush on Wahu, Mr. Seed is now married to Nimo Gachuiri.

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