Mr Seed should share 50/50 responsibility on son & not excuse himself because he has an ‘independent baby mama’

Coparenting will always be one of those topics where both men and women never agree on anything. For instance, we have Mr Seed’s independent baby mama who has been raising their son for the past 7 years and from what she says is that the only help she ever receives is school fees….and thats once in a while.

And for this reason many decided to look at it this way…..well, she is independent and can take care of her child – so why expose Mr Seed after so many years of being absent. Well truth is – if youre in 2023 and has a kid – you definitely understand how tough the economy has become and unlike 5 years when life was pretty affordable – nothing remains the same today.

Let me ask you….what can 1k do for you right now and think about what it could do 5 years ago….all i know is that you don’t need a shopping bag for items that cost 1k, they easily fit in your hands…..alafu now we talk about raising a child with a man who can only see you as an independent woman.

No balance

Hol’ up – actually a woman being independence shouldnt be an issue but then again, if independent they complain, if broke you’re accused of begging….so where is the balance?

As a father and in this case Mr Seed should not be forced or even reminded of his responsibility as a father to all 3 sons because whether he got the 2 out of wedlock….what difference does it make in their DNAs?

A man who truly steps up for his blood will never be painted as a deadbeat right….and clearly this is something Mr Seed knows nothing about….I mean, if he is reminded to send school fees, do you think he even remembers he has a kid who eats, sleeps and needs medical cover?

Ama ni juu amelelewa ghetto and has that gherro mentality of si dame ako doh, wacha alee……..but remember the mother might be independent but the child isn’t….what if she was to pull same stunt as that of the dad, who will suffer? Of course the child.

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