Mr. Seed Spotted With Georgina Njenga, Fans React

Kenyan gospel artiste Mr. Seed has addressed the uproar caused by a recent photo of him alongside content creator Georgina Njenga, which sparked speculations of a romantic relationship between the two.

In a bid to quell the rumours, Mr. Seed posted the photo on his Instagram page with the caption “Sweet Melody,” hinting at an upcoming song.

Fans flocked to his comment section to express their relief, with some sending love emojis and others praising him for being honest and transparent.

One fan, @shaylawakuache, wrote:

“Nimo is a good person and kind-hearted. Do your thing and all the drama, but never hurt her. And I repeat, this Georgina chick, leave people’s marriages alone. My marriage was too much for you, so just chill and do your own thing.”

It is unclear whether Mr. Seed is indeed working on a new song titled “Sweet Melody” or if the caption was simply a way to distract from the rumours. However, his post has been well-received by his fans, who are eager to hear more about his upcoming project.

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