Mr Seed’s troubled marriage to wife Nimo on the verge of falling apart after recent expose (Video)

Gospel musician Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri have barely been 2 years in marriage and the two already cannot handle the heat.

This is after the celebrity couple reached out to the Murayas, DJ Mo and Size 8 regards a recent infidelity issue that Nimo had got wind about her husband.

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

Engaging in a man-to-man talk with Samuel Muraya, the Lovi Lovi singer could not understand why his wife spent her time relying on external sources regards their marriage instead of confronting her husband on the same.

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The narration

According to Seed, on that fateful day, he was hanging out with his boyz who came along with several chick. But what Nimo was told by her friend who was one of the girls at the hang out, was that Mr Seed was spotted getting cosy with one of the chicks there and this raised an alarm.

Mr Seed hanging out with Avril Nyambura previously

After the outburst, the artist never bothered to call back Nimo and explain his side of the story, so his wife had packed and left for her parents’ home. Eventually, Size 8 caught up with Nimo and asked for a sit down, which saw the mother of one raise tantrums, questioning Mr Seed’s immaturity to go airing their dirty linen in public instead of being straight up with her.

I hope Mr Seed has not manipulated your minds and you start thinking he is a good guy. I don’t even want to hear anything to do with him.

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Nimo Gachuiri with Size 8 Reborn

The debate

The 4 were forced to have a sit down and reach a mutual agreement. An evening dinner turned into a heated exchange of words.

“Now that I gave birth, you think I am an old case, so now you are hanging with the fresh babes. I have all the evidence, I even know the chick you were cuddling with,’ snapped Nimo.

Nimo aka mama Gold

Explaining himself, Mr Seed who had already been branded guilty of the offence, admitted that day there were babes in the room, but neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, hitting back;

Maybe that chick was hitting on me, you never know.

Gospel artiste Mr Seed with wife, Nimo

Their marital issues eventually saw the light of day after the dinner chat. Watch;

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