Mulamwah Gifts Himself A Mercedes Benz, Weeks After Upgrading From 9K House (Photo)

Kenyan comedian Kendrick Mulamwah is all smiles as he shows off his brand new ride – a Mercedes Benz E250! Mulamwah’s ride comes just weeks after he moved out from his 9k bedsitter house to a bigger one for he was adding another member to his family.

The proud father of two took to social media to share stunning pictures of his new whip, thanking God and his supporters for making it possible. He also gave a shoutout to his baby mama Ruth K (@atruthk) and hinted that their clinic, Mama Kalamz, will now have a stylish arrival option.

”GOD DID 💪🙏 proud car owner 💯 mercedes BENZ E250 innit . Kijana ya kitale sasa ni former pedestrian. kalamwah na mama kalamaz clinic wanafika in style sasa . @atruthk thank you for the support always mamake ♥️

”always move slow but move correctly 💯. thanking God for all the blessings in life . wacha tuanzie ka life apa . thanks to familly, fans & friends for your support and prayers always,” he continued.

Mulamwah’s dedication and his fans’ support have clearly paid off! He emphasized taking things slow but steady, and this new car is a major milestone. He also expressed gratitude to his family and friends for their unwavering support.

This luxurious ride is estimated to cost between Ksh 7 Million and Ksh 15 Million, depending on various factors like the year it was made, the specific model, and mileage.

More Milestones for Mulamwah

Mulamwah’s new wheels come shortly after celebrating the birth of his son in February. He even rented a G-Wagon to welcome Ruth K and their baby home from the hospital. On top of the new car, Mulamwah has also upgraded his living situation, moving from a bedsitter to a more spacious house. As the saying goes, “a child doesn’t come with their own plate,” and it seems Mulamwah is prepared to provide for his growing family in style!

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