Mulamwah & His ‘Bestie’ Ruth Raise Eyebrows After Attending Event Together

Comedian Mulamwah and his friend Ruth were among the Kenyans who attended Fally Ipupa’s event at Uhuru Gardens. They appeared to be enjoying the attention they attracted from concertgoers.

Mulamwah wore an all-black suit paired with sneakers, while Ruth wore a green two-piece outfit fitted with a white top. Her belly appeared a bit rounded from a side profile of her walking with him.

“Was nice. #fally. tulitembea na bestie” he captioned

Some concertgoers speculated that Ruth might be pregnant, but Mulamwah said in an interview two months ago that only she could make that announcement. He also indicated that they are friends and she has a boyfriend, who happens to be his friend.

It is important to respect people’s privacy and allow them to share their own news on their own terms. We should not speculate about people’s personal lives, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like pregnancy.

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