Mulamwah vs Carol Sonnie: When weak men meet city girls

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie have been the talk of the town following their very heated and public spat. That’s actually inaccurate. Mulamwah had a meltdown that resulted in him dishing out some rather scandalous information about his ex and the mother of his young daughter, Kayla.

I wish I left you to die” Mulamwah tells baby mama

The drama has been intense and though it has been sporadic, there is a lot going on underneath the surface that many miss out on simply because of how vile some of the accusations have been.

Mulamwah has accused Carol Sonnie of cheating on him while she has accused him of abandoning their daughter. He then later would fire back and accuse her of attempting to abort their love child and he even shared a photo of the blood clot he claims was the result of that decision.

Bitter Mulamwah unveils his baby mama’s new lover, throws shade to both of them

But recently, he has claimed that she is supporting herself through the donations of men such as Bishop Allan Kiuna’s close confidant; a Mubabaz. And this accusation and attack seemed to almost come out of nowhere but there is something he has been saying that we have been ignoring…

For starters, there was the very real and very visceral fear Mulawmah had that there was paternity fraud afoot. He had no idea that the child, Kayla was his daughter. His flesh and blood. And he wouldn’t be the only one who is suffering from this uncertainty as it is reported that up to 40% of Kenyan men are raising children that aren’t their own. And this is such a prevalent problem that the Kenyan government pathologist banned men from being the source of DNA material in the even of body identification.

Wild Reactions From Fans As Mulamwah Exposes His Baby Mama Carrol Sonie, Again! (Screenshot)

And while he has gone about dealing with the uncertainty horribly, the fact still remains that he has a right to know whether the child is truly his or not. And then there is his most recent complaint: he is estranged from Kayla because of Carol Sonnie’s actions and decisions. She is actively keeping their daughter away from not just him but his family too.

But there was a more insidious allegation he made; that their daughter might be exposed to abuse though he did not specify the nature of the abuse, I found it rather interesting that he made sure to make note of the gender of the child… Let that sink in.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with me that Mulamwah is a weak simp sandy beach who handled this entire fiasco poorly but we truly need to remember that there is no manual for life. So we cannot judge him for what he has had to endure.

Carrol Sonnie with daughter, Keilah

However, the entire nation seems to have turned against him. We are mocking him. We are laughing at a man who might actually be trying to be a part of his daughter’s life and trying to keep her safe. Perhaps that is because Mulamwah is a clown from the village who managed to find a lightskinned Nairobi City Girl.

When you think about it, you have to admit that this is what many a village boy thinks is a dream come true. Mulamwah comes to Kanairo and meets up with a City Girl. What he doesn’t realise is that she is for the streets. In his eyes, he has won himself a beautiful brown skin PYT (pretty young thing).

What he didn’t realise is that the lady was not meant for a long time but a fun one. Mulamwah was busy trying to make a wife out of a side chick. He should never have attempted to do anything other than have fun with Carol Sonnie and leave her for the next guy.

As a result, we are left with a mess of a situation.


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