Mungai Eve Speaks On Cheating Allegations Amid Break-Up With Director Trevor

Image: Mungai Eve and bae, Director Trevor

Content creator Mungai Eve has now opened up about her relationship with Director Trevor, her ex-boyfriend, answering inquiries about infidelity.

When Eve hosted Andrew Kibe on her new show on her You Tube channel, she addressed the issue.

Kibe arrived prepared with inquiries that offered the public a firsthand look of Mungai Eve’s perspective.

Who was cheating was it you or him…I suspect you must be the one who was cheating,” Kibe asked.

“You might be wrong or right” Eve responded without delving into the details and clarifying whether cheating may have contributed to the relationship’s end.
Kibe further asked Eve whether she was completely done with Trevor
“Are you completely done with Trevor?” Kibe asked.
Mungain Eve responded confidently
“yeah, I mean we are.”

The diva talked on how she felt when she became popular after their breakup and Trevor said that Eve’s skills wouldn’t be needed. She said that she was prepared for it because she knew it was inevitable.

“Well I wouldn’t want to talk much about it but it is a whole lot of many things and it was meant to come to an end.” Eve explained.

The two were amoung the youngest celebrity couples making it big in the entertainment industry. And manner in which they shared their love online wouldnt suggest their relationship wouldn’t last. Either way, Kibe had predicted their demise while they were together.


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