Museveni’s final Covid-19 test results are negative.

Image: Museveni

Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, claims that eleven days after contracting the virus on June 7, he has finally tested negative for Covid-19.

After a string of positive tests throughout the course of the day, Museveni stated in a statement on Sunday that the virus was no longer present in his body system.

“On the war with corona, it is now confirmed that I am a veteran graduate of the war with that enemy. Today, the samples showed that I had turned negative vis a vis corona. Even the samples of Wednesday last, had showed reduced presence of the virus parts. The Glory goes to God,”

The President provided a timeline of his battle with the virus, noting that he first disregarded symptoms until he started to acquire a running nose.

He claimed that after being examined by his doctor, it was discovered that he had extremely low levels of vitamin D, a condition that made him vulnerable to a serious Covid-19 infection.

“Unbelievable! My Vitamin D levels were very low, my Vitamin B 12 were very low etc. Imagine the President of Uganda is malnourished to the detriment of his life. I immediately started taking the vitamins and soon that front was robust. Then we had the immunization and boosters,” Museveni added.

The President urged health administrators in the nation to concentrate on promoting illness prevention rather than waiting for people to become ill so they may provide curative care after acknowledging that his situation bordered on neglect in the management of his own personal health.

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