“My kids go to international schools,” Karen Nyamu reveals as she praises her husband, Samidoh

Karen Nyamu is known for being candid, and her recent comments about her children’s school choices have sparked online discussion.


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Speaking at Bahati’s Netflix event, Karen Nyamu praised the creative industry, countering the common belief that it doesn’t pay well. She highlighted her husband Samidoh, a Mugithii singer, as an example of the industry’s potential for financial success.

Nyamu revealed that Samidoh’s earnings not only keep her comfortable but also allow them to afford international schools for their two children together. As an MP, Nyamu could easily afford expensive schools, but witnessing the substantial income Samidoh generates through his music has reinforced her belief in the lucrative nature of the creative industry. She encouraged young people to explore this gold mine of opportunities.


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Karen Nyamu and Samidoh share two children, along with others from previous relationships. Rumor has it that Nyamu has moved in with Samidoh as his second wife, while his first wife, Edday, has relocated to the United States.

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