My mother also has cancer -Colonel Mustafa says as he confirms he’s a mjengo worker

One of the legends of Kenyan music, Colonel Mustafa was revealed to not only be going through Dire Straits financially but even being forced to take up work at a construction site colloquially referred to as a “mjengo”.

Colonel Mustafa

And it would seem that is just the tip of the iceberg in as far as his problems go. On a phone call with the artist he revealed that not only is it true that he’s currently working at a construction site, but his mother is also currently undergoing cancer treatments such as chemo and radiotherapy.

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Colonel Mustafa further went on to reveal that since the expose was done by Edgar Obare he has received countless phone calls from other Kenyan celebrities concerned about his situation many of whom are questioning why he did not open up to them something that he says he often alluded to when talking to other artists.

Kenyans to have rallied around Colonel Mustafa with many showing deep concern for the formerly high-flying musician who was one-half of the Deux Vultures duo.

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