‘Mzabibu’ Hitmaker Explains Why He’s Not Impressed With Kenyans Dancing To His Song

Forget manufactured viral hits – the internet is captivated by the raw energy of “Mzabibu,” a decade-old Mijikenda song that’s sprouted into a global dance phenomenon. Zabron Ndale, the song’s mastermind, beams with humble pride as his “vine” has unexpectedly taken root in the hearts and feet of netizens worldwide.

Inspired by John 15’s imagery (“I am the vine, you are the branches”), Ndale’s heartfelt song transcends its initial 2014 release. “It’s the grace of God,” he affirms, his voice laced with gratitude. But make no mistake – he proudly holds the reins to this musical masterpiece.

While Ndale welcomes the quirky interpretations of the ‘Mzabibu’ challenge, a twinkle in his eye hints at a possible official music video.

“The moves make you wonder if it’s a gospel song,” he chuckles, acknowledging the humorous disconnect. “I may just have to show everyone how it’s really done.”

His musical journey, however, took a detour after the decline of cassettes and CDs in the early 2000s. But ‘Mzabibu’s’ viral bloom has rekindled Ndale’s creative flame.

“I’m ready to make more music,” he shares, his eyes gleaming with newfound hope.

But the challenge’s success hasn’t erased the realities of an independent artist. “Support is always welcome,” Ndale extends, his voice humble yet filled with a quiet determination. “From stage performances to new recordings, any helping hand would be a blessing.”

From office desks to dusty village corners, the ‘Mzabibu’ challenge stretches across borders, continents, and cultures. It’s a testament to the unifying power of music, the joy of cultural expression, and the language of rhythm that speaks volumes without a single word

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