‘Nairobi’ hitmaker Bensoul admits to cheating on girlfriend and impregnating ‘side chick’

Just wow. Anyway word making rounds on social media is that Bensoul has one on the way but problem is, he is not expecting the baby with girlfriend but a girl he apparently met during a show in Mombasa.


The exclusive given by Edgar Obare May have been aimed at exposing the Sol Generation artiste – who by the way has confirmed the story is true. According to Bensoul, he was planning on addressing the issue soon but Edgar beat him to it.

In his statement, the Nairobi hit maker wrote;

Hey Edgar, yes this is true, a mistake I did on my part and my people know that I have been doing all I can to be there for the unborn child.


I was about to make the story public but I guess you beat me to it. If you need any more information, ask me.

Bensoul in Mombasa

As you can expect, fans on social media are having a field day with the new tea; especially since the singer was the first one to expose how Kanairo relationships work. What he didn’t know is that one day he would find himself caught up in such a scandal.

Bensoul alisema sote tunashare and he just confirmed hakuna mtu wa mtu. No? But again, having him accept the responsibility proves he is not ready to join the celeb deadbeat dad list. Yes?

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