Nameless Bought Me A Pair Of Shoes Worth Ksh 30,000-Wahu

Kenyan musicians Wahu Kagwi and her hubby Nameless are the epitomes of a successful marriage. The two sweethearts never seem to be ageing and have been together for over 15 years. Apart from being good parents, their musical journey has also been one of the most successful. They met in 1998 at a campus event at Grand Regency; the rest is history.

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Wahu has revealed that during their early stages in marriage, Nameless used to buy her expensive jewellery and shoes as a way to impress her. The singer says that at one time, Nameless bought her a pair of shoes worth Ksh 30,000. After knowing the shoes worth, Wahu returned them to the shop where Nameless bought them from and picked other smaller goods of the same amount.

”In fact, earlier on in our marriage, my husband got me a shoe. He got me a shoe for my birthday, which was Ksh 30,000. It was quite cute. He got me cute, expensive jewellery and whatever. Nilirudisha. I’m like, how can you take Ksh 30,000 and put in a shoe? I returned it to the shop…”

Wahu added that she doesn’t value expensive things that much and that her hubby has bought her a lot of things she appreciates.

What’s the most expensive thing your partner has ever bought you and how much did it cost?

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