Never take relationship advice from bitter celebs like Kush Tracey

Kush Tracey is an angry, angry, woman. And her anger and bitterness culminate in her giving some of the vapidest advice ever to people (especially women) in relationships. Actually, if you ever feel inclined to take her advice, I would advise you to first identify a cactus and then use it as a chair.

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Why you ask? Because Kush Tracey’s advice is meant to make you exactly like her, a bitter used up lemon of a person. They say that in order to understand the fruit of a tree, you must first look to its roots. So let us look at what Kush Tracey’s roots are.
And for that, we go to how we were first introduced to her.

Kush Tracey
Artist and TV personality, Kush Tracey

When Kenyans first took notice of Kush Tracey, she was introduced as being an up and coming rapper who was dating Timmy T Dat. The couple were the most salacious pair Kenya had seen for a while and Timmy T Dat was the hottest thing at the time. Every song he released was a hit. And so as usually happens, Timmy T Dat decided to breathe some life into Kush Tracey’s nascent career and he featured her on some of his tracks.
Kush Tracey would later break up with Timmy T Dat after she went out partying at popular nigh spot, 1824, where she was chipod by a failed politician. When Timmy caught wind of the story, the pair broke up. There have been reports of domestic violence but nothing was reported to the police.

Kush Tracey treated to a posh 26th birthday party by local politician

Since then, Kush Tracey has been painting the town red but she has had the common sense to keep her opinions and private life private -until now. She was recently on a show along with Jackie Matubia and the rest of her panel on which they discussed men, relationships and deal breakers.

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It was interesting to see women who have failed at relationships and love dole out advice like poisoned lollipops. Kush Tracey was discussing the respective gender roles in modern relationships. According to her, traditional gender roles are hogwash. Gone are the days when women were consigned to the kitchen. So any man who expects her to cook for him then clean the dishes thereafter is in for a rude surprise. But the manner in which she said this is what caught my attention. I could sense that the problem isn’t necessarily down to the work and effort but rather due to her refusal to do anything for a man’s expressed pleasure.

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You see, if we take Kush Tracey at face value, her music tells us the type of lass she is: a lass who loves men who spend money on her. A fact that was confirmed when she reportedly had a one night stunt with a failed politician who happens to be wealthy.


That means she has a penchant for high-value men. Yet, it can be argued she isn’t a high-value woman because she hasn’t got what high-value men desire in women: peace and submission.
So there are two reasons that make a compelling case for why you shouldn’t listen to Kush Tracey’s advice and they are:

#1. She failed in her own relationship

Kush Tracey has a history of failed dalliances. She was with Timmy T Dat and when that situation was over, it was because she had ruined it chasing after a Mr Moneybags while she was partying at 1824. That situation fizzled. Have you heard any wedding bells peel for Kush Tracey? Neither have I. Yet here she is, teaching you how to implode your relationships.

#2. She belong to the streets

This meme is the entirety of my argument. Stop taking relationship advice from lasses who belong to the street.

#3. She’s a provocateur, her advice is simply meant to inflame.

Kush Tracey’s advice on her TV show was meant to inflame emotion. Can you imagine how dumb anyone has to be to blindly apply the advice given to them by a provocateur? Kush Tracey was looking to inflame emotions and you fell for it and attempt to use the tainted advice in your own circumstance and wonder why it failed?

#4. Kush Tracey isn’t even 30 years old yet

How can you take the advice given to you by a lass who is turning 26 years old this year? And this advice is meant to be applied to the person you are attempting to see just how compatible you are with them so you can spend the rest of your life together? Or you are one of those cold fish who date men for their flavour?


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