New-age musicians are giving established artists nightmares!

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If at all there are people who are not so pleased with the emergence of new-age musicians then it’s the local acts who have been in the game for a longer period, say 5, 10 years or more. I won’t mention any names because you know them too well, don’t you?


In my opinion, they have been backed into a corner by the new crop of artists and they don’t have a clue how they can get out of it. Put simply, they don’t know what to do to reclaim their fan bases. As such, some of them are left with no choice but to hate.

New-age musicians are very spontaneous unlike established artists. A random idea is turned into a song and they hit the studio to record it. Before you know it, the video (quality notwithstanding) is out and is getting mad love across the country.

Established artists like to think through all their steps because they feel they have been in the game for long, they know what works. In the end, they released a well-executed song/video but no one bothers to listen to it or watch it. They end up getting only a handful views.

New-age musicians are always on their toes. As soon as they release a song, they are back in studio working on the next hit unlike established artists who will wait for a song to marinate for some months. Before you know it, they have dropped another banger!

Boondocks Gang Chura
Boondocks Gang

Truth be told, these youngins are giving established artists sleepless nights. In other words, they are their biggest nightmare. Imagine trying to keep up with someone who has been in the game for less than a year compared to the many decades that you’ve been doing music. I would also feel horrible!

However, I don’t think all is lost. All established artists need to do is see what they can learn from the new crop of Kenyan musicians if at all they want to survive in this industry because let’s be honest, times have changed so why should they stick to old practices?

Watch Ochunglo Family’s latest jam Kaa Na Mama Yako below.

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