Nimo apologizes for her reaction to Mr. Seed’s views on polygamy

Image: Happy times between Mr Seed and wife, Nimo before side chick

Nimo Gachuri remains grateful for her husband’s good health following his recovery from a road accident.

In an interview with Tuko.co.ke, Nimo and Mr. Seed discussed the ups and downs of their marriage through a series of questions.


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“What makes me thankful is that you are very firm in fighting for us,” Nimo, a mother of one, expressed.

Back in January, she had called out Mr. Seed for his comment about polygamy after he mentioned in a podcast that men are naturally polygamous. Her angry response on her IG stories led to a tense moment in their marriage.

One question read, “What are your honest views about polygamy?” She responded, “Mmeuliza juu ya ile scandal? Nyinyi!!” prompting her to open up.

“It wasn’t even a scandal, babe. It was just an opinion. Do you know I feel like I overreacted,” she admitted.


Mr Seed Takes Back Polygamy Comments After Wife’s Rebuke, Offers Public Apology

Nimo explained to Mr. Seed that she initially only heard a snippet of the interview and, after a friend’s suggestion, watched the entire segment. “I watched the whole thing, honestly! I feel like I overreacted.”

Mr. Seed asked for an apology, which she gladly offered. “I’m sorry, especially knowing how bloggers edit clips,” she said, and he indicated he understood her reaction.

“I understood. Didn’t we talk about this beforehand? So you overreacted the next day after seeing the pseudo comments from people with one follower and zero following. There were two comments that made you react the way you did,” he noted, indicating it was a general view.

Nimo sought reassurance, asking, “Babe, haven’t we been together? For how long?” They have been together for eight years. “Lakini mimi hata sina nguvu, wewe mwenyewe unanipeanga… sasa niongeze mwingine mniuwe?” Mr. Seed rejected the polygamy notion, making her add, “Tusaidiane.”

Seed laughed and continued with another question.

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