Njambi Koikai’s father shares the final message she sent him before passing away

Mr. Daniel Koikai, father of the late Mary Njambi Koikai, also known as Njambi ‘Jahmby’ Koikai, has shared the final heartfelt moments he had with his daughter.


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In a funeral program obtained by Mpasho, Mr. Koikai reflected on his relationship with Njambi, describing it as a mix of good and bad times. He revealed they only met when Njambi was in high school due to his work abroad during her childhood.

“When times were good, we would go shopping and have lunch at some restaurants in the city, and you enjoyed meeting me very much. I deeply miss the good times we shared together.

During the bad times, we would go days or months without talking, something I blame myself for and will always regret as I’ve lost the chance to make things right with you,” Mr. Koikai wrote.

The businessman shared a message Njambi sent him just a day before she passed away. In her message, Njambi, who was in the hospital, expressed her gratitude to her father and listed a few items she wanted him to bring her.


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“Hi Dad, I hope you got home safely. So I would need a red berry orange water from Del Monte and fresh orange and passion fruit juice. The doctors are here, so I’ll have to go and we’ll talk tomorrow. It was good to see you and reconnect,” Njambi’s message read.

Mr. Koikai also recounted a special message Njambi gave him and her mother, Ms. Stella Wambui, on the night she passed away. She emphasized unity and appreciated her father’s presence.

“In the hospital near your bed with your mother, the night you left us, you told me that we are one blood and you were happy I came. We reconnected and I hope we will reconnect again one day,” Mr. Koikai shared.

Njambi’s father concluded by wishing for his daughter’s soul to rest in eternal peace.

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