Nyashinski and producer Cedo have had a falling out over a Sh10 million deal

A disagreement over a multi-million deal between rapper Nyashinski and his long-time friend and music producer, Cedric ‘Cedo’ Kadenyi, is believed to be the reason behind Nyashinski removing 20 of his hit songs from Spotify and Apple Music.


Nyashinski and Tecno sued in Copyright Infringement Case

A recent spot check by Nairobi News revealed that over 20 of Nyashinski’s tracks, which were previously available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, have been taken down. Popular songs such as “Kebs,” “Hapo Tu,” “Mungu Pekee,” “Aminia,” “Properly,” “Marathon Runner,” “Kabla Tudie,” “Lift Me Up,” “Malaika,” and many others are no longer accessible on these platforms, although they remain available on YouTube.

Further analysis shows a common factor among the removed songs: nearly all were produced by Cedo. Nairobi News has learned that the fallout may have stemmed from a disagreement over a deal worth over Sh10 million.

A source disclosed, “From what I hear, the two had a falling out over a deal exceeding Sh10 million. Shinski secured a major jingle deal with a telecom company and offered Cedo Sh1 million to produce the jingles, which Cedo initially accepted.”


Nyashinski and Tecno sued in Copyright Infringement Case

However, Cedo later wanted to know the actual value of the deal through his contacts at the telecom company. “Cedo and Shinski have a long history together, and they know each other well. For some reason, Cedo had an instinct to find out the worth of the deal, considering their past dealings with telecom companies,” the source explained.

This revelation led to a confrontation. “To his surprise, Cedo found out that Shinski had signed a deal worth over Sh10 million for the jingles and was shocked to be offered only Sh1 million. He demanded a higher payment, which triggered their disagreement,” the source continued.

In response, Nyashinski reportedly pulled most of his songs produced by Cedo from streaming platforms. “This means Cedo won’t earn any royalties from those songs where they share publishing rights. It’s puzzling why Shinski would take such a step, considering it also affects his own earnings,” the source concluded.

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