Nyota Ndogo marrying older man was the best decision she ever made

Singer Nyota Ndogo can tell you that marriage can be tough when attached to the wrong person and after two kids from previous relationships – the Mombasa based singer then opted to take a break from the dating scene before meeting her current husband.


As you already know, Nyota Ndogo had previously been married to a Muslim man from her area and after many attempt to save their relationship – the guy allegedly finally have up and left. However this happened 17 years ago leaving her with a son and second baby who turned put to be a daughter.

Nyota Ndogo with her two children

I remember back then , many accused Nyota Ndogo of leaving her African man for a mzungu – an accusation that painted her as a golddigger – but in responsonse to the claims Nyota hit back with;

And for those saying I left my first husband for my mzungu hubby should go back to him and ask him what happened. He will tell all of you that he left me. That said, don’t talk about things you have no idea about. Even when he calls, I tell my husband about it. That’s how much I respect my son’s father.

Nyota unbothered about age

Anyway almost 5 years since they wedded – Nyota Ndogo for the first time has revealed her husband’s age and turns he is now on the 6th floor making him older by 18 years since google says Nyota Ndogo is 42 years as per 2023.

Unlike her other marriages, looks like Nyota Ndogo finally found a man who loves and understands her for who she is and i am assuming this is because of the age difference. With Henning Nielsen 18 years older – i bet he is wiser and different which is why Nyota can’t stop praising him online every now and then.

To prove this, for his 60th birhday she wrote:

Happy 60th birthday my husband. Hata ufike miaka mia wewe ni wangu mpaka mwisho. Barafu wa moyo wangu nakupenda ama nitasema vipi kwa Kiswahili.The ice cube of my heart. Enjoy your day

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