Nyota Ndogo reveals she had the option to become a prostitute

Star Nyota Ndogo, who is based in Mombasa, has given an explanation for how, at such a young age, she became a house girl.

“When I was around 17/18 I chose to be a house help instead of selling my body.

I did not have a proper education but I knew slow but sure I would get there.

I would stay in Nyali for four months just to be able to save 6K which I would then send to my mum.

The only thing I would bye myself is sanitary towels.

When I started singing as a house girl. No one believed me.People around where my mum lived would listen to my songs not knowing it was me.

They would ask ‘Have you heard of the lady singing called Nyota Ndogo?’I told them it was me but they never believed it.

I thank God for everybody who contributed to my growth.”

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