Octopizzo defends MCSK over ‘peanut’ payments, partly blames Diamond [Interview]

Amidst allegations shot towards MCSK for underpaying Kenyan artists, Octopizzo has instead come to their defense.

According to the Kibra-bred hip hop artist, Kenyan musicians should try and understand how the board settled on the payments first, instead of consistently ranting.

During his interview with Willis Raburu on ’10 over 10′, the philanthropist stated that what artists received is just but a portion of what they actually are to receive from MCSK.

Namba Nane articulated that the Ksh 2,530 distributed to artists across the board is for being a registered artist, not for their work rate.

Further sharing that there are ghost artists in the music industry who are actually reviving dues for what they haven’t worked for.

According to him, MCSK is set to pay artists come October, which will be for their airplay.

Kuna doh inatoka October, na hii sa ndio doh ya ma-airplay, sa inamanisha kama hupatangi airplay, hapa sasa inamanisha kuna wase hawatapata kitu.

Additionally slamming East African star, Diamond Platnumz for regularly collecting money from Kenya. Whereas Kenyan artists are not able to get the same from Tanzanian nor Uganda because such systems are not in place.

At least we got these systems, they are not available in Uganda and Tanzania. You cannot collect money from Tanzania if your song was played in East Africa. But Diamond Platnumz has been collecting money in Kenya.


Furthermore, Madam Boss also advised Kenyan artists to focus more on brand building and fostering unity on the Kenyan land.

According to her, artistes should forget about MCSK and instead build themselves as individuals.


Speaking during a recent interview, Akothee believes, what is derailing the Kenyan music industry is lack of unity among artistes.

What I can say is that they should push themselves more. Forget about MCSK because the artistes also have a problem with unity so you will only hurt each other. Work on building your brands. Love each other, support each other. Right now we have AFRIMMA coming up, there are artists who have been nominated. Like us, like Tuva, like Willy Paul. Let’s support each other and notify the fans that we need their support.


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