Oga Obinna Compares Audience Reception in Kenya and Uganda after royal reception

Image: Oga Obinna

Kenyan comedian Oga Obinna recently performed at a comedy show in Uganda, and he was surprised by the warm reception and generosity of the audience.

In a post on Instagram, Obinna said that the Ugandan fans were punctual, open-minded, and appreciative of his jokes. He also said that they showered him with money, giving him the equivalent of Sh334,000 (Kenyan Shillings).

Obinna contrasted this with his experiences in Kenya, where he said that audiences are often late, closed-minded, and quick to take offense. He said that he has been heckled and even had objects thrown at him during his performances in Kenya.

Obinna’s post sparked a discussion on social media about the different cultural dynamics of audience reception in Kenya and Uganda. Some Kenyans expressed their desire for their own audience to emulate the Ugandan fans, while others defended their country’s unique way of doing things.

Ultimately, Obinna’s experience in Uganda serves as a reminder of the diverse cultural dynamics within the entertainment industry and the impact they have on the experiences of comedians and other artists.

As Obinna expressed his gratitude to the Ugandan fans and promised to return soon, his story serves as a testament to the power of audience reception and the importance of cultural context in the entertainment world.


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